My name is Joe Miller and I’m a design professional based in Cambridge. I’ve had a creative role for twenty years, working with a large range of clients from private individuals to large companies and agencies, in the UK and overseas. I have extensive experience and love to work on identity design, print design, icon design and web design - and I use some very talented individuals to build my websites. I enjoy photography and I also have a very keen interest in motocross having raced during my formative years, so it's no coincidence that there's a lot of motocross-related design projects in my portfolio.

I'm very passionate about design. I'm a perfectionist too so I will strive to offer the best advice and solutions based on a client's needs and requirements for each individual project. From inception to final artwork or product delivery I am available for management, consultation or advice whenever it's required, this will keep workflow consistent and the key design principles honest for the entire life of a project.

It's always a pleasure to hear from new people and past clients alike, so if you think my skills could be useful to you, your business or an upcoming project please do get in touch.