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Ward Capital Management

Published 19 February 2014

Ward Capital Management is a young real estate investment firm based in New York, USA. A rock-steady identity and website design was required and delivered.

Powell Kitchens Identity

Published 14 March 2013

Identity design and development for kitchen design and installation company.

Oscar Identity Concepts

Published 16 August 2011

HelpIT Software Logo Design

Published 14 January 2011

The use of multi-coloured sections in this logo represents the bringing together of various software components. The client specified this as they offer their software in modules and suites, each module represented by a colour. It definitely has a 'Simon-says' feel to it, for those old enough to recall.

Art FM Logo

Published 4 November 2010


Published 25 October 2010

British Motocross Nationals logo created for the UK's motorcycle sport governing body, the ACU.

Motocross World Identity

Published 12 August 2010

Identity for Honda motocross tuners Motocross World, Rugby.

Apico Identity

Published 29 May 2010

LA Tooling Identity

Published 12 February 2010

Identity for Hampshire based engineering company.

DRT Logo

Published 8 December 2009