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University of Cambridge CAMCard Promotional Sticker

Published 15 February 2013

Window sticker to encourage the use of the University's CAMCard at participating retail outlets within the City of Cambridge.

Zeronine KTM Graphic Kit Print Advert

Published 15 February 2013

Full page magazine advert for Zeronine to promote a new KTM graphic kit design and the fact that the kit is officially licensed by KTM. I produced the copy, art direction and graphic kit featured.

Scar Fork Air Pump Packaging

Published 12 November 2012

I recently designed this printed packaging for Scar Racing, for their motorcycle suspension fork pump. Usually I create the artwork for a card template provided, this time however I had to create the card pattern with cut-outs to accept the product and test it works (and hangs correctly), which added a little more interest to the project. I also had to make a vector illustration of the pump for the reverse side.

Hopefully I'll be able to post up a photo with the actual product affixed in the not too distant future.

Scar Racing Print Adverts

Published 18 May 2012

Arnaud from Scar Racing made contact to discuss some print adverts that he wanted to run, which was a nice prospect for me because although I do fairly regular work for Scar, I’d not created any print adverts for several years. To whet my creative appetite even more I was provided with a some fantastic photographic assets of World MX2 Championship rider Jose Butron which if a little ‘samey’ were nonetheless beautifully shot.

The language barrier can make a clear brief from Arnaud somewhat tricky (my lack of French is far greater than his lack of English by the way), but I think by now I have a very strong understanding of what is required for the Scar brand –the adverts formed a series with the main draw being the Butron shots, combined with product on a clean background and strong typography.

University of Cambridge Promotional Pop-up Banners 2012

Published 3 April 2012

The University of Cambridge Alumni Relations Office provide benefits, services and information to engage alumni with the university and the city. The communications and marketing department needed a series of promotional banners for display at graduation ceremonies to encourage interaction with graduates, and to promote the benefits available. The banners featured carefully sourced photography that was unmistakably Cambridge.

Filmstrip Print

Published 28 March 2012

Using my photography I created this filmstrip-style artwork for print. It is mounted onto a black-edged board and is 510 x 405mm with a 15mm return.

Motocross World Print Advert

Published 26 March 2012

Answer and MSR Clothing Brochure

Published 19 December 2011

Bike It Cosworth Yamaha Print Advert

Published 2 September 2011

This print advert was designed and published to celebrate the team's achievement in winning the British MX2 Championship, with Swiss rider Arnaud Tonus taking the title.

British Motocross Championship Race Programmes 2011

Published 17 August 2011

I designed and produced print ready artwork for each race programme of the six round series, which considered one of Europe's premier domestic motocross series.

Arai Helmets VX-3 'Warfare' Print Advert

Published 14 July 2011

Arai's UK importer Apico required an advert for the 'Warfare' design that I'd created for Arai Helmets previously. This is the result, it ran as a double-page spread in the UK motorcycle press.

British Motocross Grand Prix 2011 Print Advert

Published 2 July 2011

Double-page spread promoting the forth-coming British motocross GP. It ran in the UK's motorcycle press.