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Scar Racing Print Adverts

Published 18 May 2012

Arnaud from Scar Racing made contact to discuss some print adverts that he wanted to run, which was a nice prospect for me because although I do fairly regular work for Scar, I’d not created any print adverts for several years. To whet my creative appetite even more I was provided with a some fantastic photographic assets of World MX2 Championship rider Jose Butron which if a little ‘samey’ were nonetheless beautifully shot.

The language barrier can make a clear brief from Arnaud somewhat tricky (my lack of French is far greater than his lack of English by the way), but I think by now I have a very strong understanding of what is required for the Scar brand –the adverts formed a series with the main draw being the Butron shots, combined with product on a clean background and strong typography.